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Are Men That Unobservant?

Hi Lovelies~

Recently a fellow blogger and good friend Sheena asked me if I’m attached… and if you’ve been following my blog and instagram you’ll know that I don’t have any pics up with a significant other.

And so after watching this video by Downy Parfum, I was caught in disbelief. Are Men really that unobservant? Are the 3 husbands caught in this social experiment really so used to the routine of married life that they did not notice their respective wives have been switched out? :O

Well… I wouldn’t know the answer because I’m neither attached nor married. Maybe when I am married someday I’ll have the answer. 😛

Watch the said video here!:

Let me know your thoughts!



4 thoughts on “Are Men That Unobservant?

  1. hahaha! I think men are not as observant as women for sure. My husband doesnt hear all I have to say about the day. He only notices clothes that are bright or very form fitting lol But I think he would notice if there is another woman walking around who isn’t me lol.

  2. What a strange social experiment! I’d like to think that Napkin (my hubby!) would notice if I wasn’t there… or at least expect to get in pretty big trouble when I came back around. Hahaha!

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