Ena Teo Jia En

Ena Teo Jia En (张嘉恩)

Ena Teo Jia En is a real estate agent and writer of lifestyle blog Enabalista, based in Singapore.
She identifies herself as an optimist, realistic dreamer & a child of God.


 Enabalista is a lifestyle blog by Ena, presented through a balanced trio of visuals, personal reviews & conversations with her readers. Ena enjoys writing about her personal experiences with fashion, beauty, food & travel.

Since the inception of Enabalista in late 2010, Ena has been sharing her experiences at fashion events
such as Audi Fashion Festival, Blueprint Fashion TradeshowFIDe Fashion Week, Digital Fashion WeekChanel Runways & Hermes Art Exhibitions. Ena has also collaborated with notable beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal & Skincode.

In areas of food & lifestyle, Ena has also been invited for media review for Oca Grassa, CoCo Ichibanya and Bunc@Radius. A large part of the site is also dedicated to her travels, including trips to Seoul (Korea), Japan, London & Hong Kong.

Ena was awarded HotelClub’s Best Singapore Lifestyle Blog in 2013 due to her engaging blog personality.
Most recently, Ena was profiled in Cosmopolitan’s Make Me Over feature in April 2014.

Ena is currently a Clozette Ambassador and contributing writer for The Daily Roar, a site for Asian sights and sounds.

For Ena’s on-the-go updates, visit her InstagramFacebook & Twitter.


For event invitation, product reviews/sponsorship, advertising, media and other enquiries
simply drop Ena a note at enabalista@gmail.com.
Blog & social media statistics will be made available upon request.
Visit the Collaboration page for a list of brands Ena has partnered with.

A brief selection of Enabalista posts

Jia En

2013-10-19 19.46.52

Fide Fashion Week 2013

For more outfits, visit this page for Ena’s outfits.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine 2012 Review

Estee Lauder Collection Review

2013-07-23 13.11.14

Lunch at Oca Grassa

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review

 Coco Ichibanya Food Review

Enabalista Bunc @ Radius Review 1Staycation @ Bunc@Radius
2013-03-15 11.55.41 2013-03-16 12.35.39

Ohaiyo Japan Diaries

Ena London Family Pic2013-05-02 15.40.52 2013-05-02 15.04.19 2013-05-03 12.42.59

London with the Family

Enabalista means?

Ena is a nickname, pronounced like “Anna” but begins with E, from the name “En”. “-balista” loosely translates to having a ball of a fun. The word does not exist, but that’s what Ena had in mind, haha! When she coined this word, Ena never knew the existence of the word “ballista” which has two meanings 1. A catapult used in ancient warfare for hurling large stones. 2. A large crossbow for firing a spear. Thus Enabalista aims to be able to help readers hurl their stresses away through interesting posts.


Ena always try to give credit for information and images where it is due. If an image that is yours which is uncredited, kindly inform Ena and she will credit accordingly.

31 thoughts on “About

      • Hi dear! Yes I started my first blog when I was 13 and never stopped since! I’m glad you’ve started one and it’s really a great hobby to improve writing! Thanks for leaving your comments, you made my day! (; xx

  1. Hello, my friend, Ena Teo Jia En, you have a nice blog up here. Well done! Keep writing, my friend, all with love, and you will become another light in the heart of humanity, I am sure. ♥

  2. Hola Ena!

    Do you ever visit Bangkok! Your coffee latte on the picture looks amazing. I was wondering if you know a good cafe in Bangkok. We are flying there for a day or two from Koh Samui. 🙂

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