EDD | Purple & Pearls


Weeks back, while I was Bini’s place, we decided to take photos which would begin “My Daily Dress” which I reterm Ena’s Daily Dress here. 🙂

Just a few photos in this lovely korean purple dress with huge pearls necklace and black heels. 🙂

Happy3Happy5Enabalista Purple & Pearls Outfit 1

I’m so happy and I know it and it shows on my face. 😀


Sure I can smile while I’m looking at a plain white wall, why not? 😛


I’m on my way to becoming a Tai-tai and I know it! 😛

(Ena: Now taking in applications from rich bachelors for courtship.)

I KID. You are not allowed to quote me on this! ^^

OOTDs are so much fun! Hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. HA.



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