Picnic by the Bay

If you haven’t, hopefully you will set out for a picnic by the bay after this post!

It was quite a spontaneous picnic gathering, organized just the day before. With a small group of church friends we decided to pot luck and head out for a day of fun at Esplanade by the bay! 🙂

Sandwich, chicken sausages and soft drinks.

With Claire, Jerome, Ernest and Matthieu.

Posing against the beautiful skyline.

Like a Hollywood movie!

The scenic view… a tourist attraction.

Ernest thirsty for some water…

Matthieu’s fight against the Merlion. Hehe.

And Jerome wish to collect some home…

At the Esplanade library… The boys and their dance moves.

During the following Saturday, Benji cell decided to head to Aston’s at East Coast for dinner, instead of the usual Hawker fare. (:

Xue li and I with our respective meals.

Russ, Ming and Vivien.

Several more posts to come… Photos from my trip to Port Dickson, snippets of CNY, Museum visits and goofing around with girls in school.

I hope your year has been going great! (:


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