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22 Aug 2011: Happy Happenings~! :)


My school day started with Visualization and Presentation Digital class which consisted of everyone presenting their Concept board. I did my concept board on an advertisement for ‘Summer Time’ watch. I had fun doing the homework assignment! Heh.

After school, Bini and I signed up for French Elementary class at Alliance Francaise Singapore! Quite excited to have finally signed up for the class after saying we want to for a long time.

Then Bini came over to my house for a sumptuous dinner that my mummy prepared! Loved the wintermelon soup, braised pork, lemon spicy sauce fried fish. Should have taken photos of it, will do so next time! 😀

After dinner, a short impromptu dressing up fun ensued in my bedroom… 😛

Here’s a preview, I will upload the rest another day!

I really like my new H&M multi-coloured oh-so-summer skirt! 😀

I’ve been going for facial treatments at New York Skin Solutions (Simei Branch) lately and I feel my skin has been improving since! Quite happy about it! Should you require treatment for any facial skin condition, let me know and I’ll be glad to ask my consultant for a complimentary, no-obligation skin test and facial treatment for you. 🙂

A D-I-Y pic of Bini done my yours truly on photoshop! Hehe.

To fund my French language studies, I will be taking up tutoring assignments. I plan to apply online. However if you know anyone who require English, Literature, and/or Art & Design tuition (Primary to Junior College levels) please do me a favour and let me know via email at I will be glad to provide my resume and certifications on request. 🙂

God bless!


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