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Sponsored Review | Club Couture

Hellllooo Everybody! I hope August has been treating you all well so far! 🙂

Today I have some pictures to share, of the dresses that Club Couture has so generously sponsored me! 😉

In the first grey dress, I’m channelling art-school-hippy vibe with the addition of the vibrant scarf and silver ‘peace’ symbol earring.

Over here in the second photo is a black dress that’s perfect for a formal dinner. I love the black and gold classic combination (yes, there are days when I am not going for black and pink combi :P), so I’ve matched the black dress with black and gold accessories, bag and shoes!

Last but not the least, check out this colourblock fuschia dress! I paired it with matching fuschia earrings, studded shoes and bracelet! I imagine this is a what a rockstar producer/manager (someone who produces/manages rockstars) would dress like! 😉

You can buy the colourblock fuschia dress here.
Club Couture has just launched their Club Couture Premium collection so be sure to check them out their for to-die-for dresses, here!
Quote offer code CCBLOG15 upon checkout and you’d receive a 15% discount for being my awesome reader! 🙂
Credits to my sister, Lu Jia for helping me take the photos. Thank you jie jie! 🙂
Trivia: I took the photos in my bedroom. And the canvas with the heart is a mini artwork done by yours truly. 😛

2 thoughts on “Sponsored Review | Club Couture

  1. Hahaha thanks for the compliment! 🙂 I tend to pick classy and conservative (and hence more mature looking) clothing and accessories but I’m trying to explore more styles and looks this year and go beyond what’s considered ‘safe and boring’! So I guess you can expect photos of me experimenting with different styles in the near future! 😀

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