Royal Wedding 2011!

It’s the Royal Wedding for Prince William and Princess Catherine!

I followed the wedding except for the church procession (because I was on the way home from work). And it’s so amazing and breath-taking. Everything was so pretty, lovely! The couple, the guests, the bridesmaid and paige-boys, the horse-carriages, the crowd, the confetti! It was and probably is better than scenes from a movie! I tweeted, it deserves a photobook on it’s own and in this age, a Blu-ray disc of it’s own!

If you missed the “Live”show… No worries, I bring you the climax!:

The first public kiss of the Royal couple! Hahaha! Credits to my sister’s friend who captured this picture on the live streaming! They actually kissed twice, the second time was upon the crowd’s enthusiastic chanting “Kiss again!”.

Alright~ If you want to know more, go check out BBC’s site here as well as The Royal Channel on Youtube here. 😉

Ciaos~ (Bye in Italian, learning a bit right now.)

2 thoughts on “Royal Wedding 2011!

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