My day about the City

Hello! First week of Summer Hol’s is turning out quite fine!

Yesterday I had lunch and movie outing with my sister Jia Hui before attending a cozy sharing session with KIN and Sifr personnels, Faudil and Chris. My sister and I watched Hop and it was quite a ludicrous show. It was quite disappointing to say the least and we felt, a real waste of James Marsden (Cyclops from X-men) and Kaley Cuoco’s (from Big Bang Theory) acting. talent.

So today met up with Martin at Marine Parade to head to East Coast beach to show some scenes for a video contest he’s taking part in. I was acting as a reckless skater who did not take safety measures, fell and knocked my head into a pole. 😛 It was quite awkward getting the footages because I have not skated(I call it the heels on wheels) in two years and I was not used to skating on the bumpy pavements at East Coast. :/ Feel quite bad towards Martin for volunteering something I wasn’t good at. But I had fun acting, being by the beach and just having fun. Really hope he gets the top prize for the contest!

With Martin @ East Coast Beach

No wonder I love ice cream~

Cute buggy @ East Coast.

Then I headed to Tampines to pick up clothes for Noel Caleb’s styling and blogging contest!

Check out what I passed by at Tampines:

Local Sculptor Ng Eng Teng's Mother and Child!

Due to Ng’s distinctive style, I could immediately identify the work as his. was pleasantly surprised to see it at a garden in Tampines and what more, during the week we celebrate Mother’s Day! 🙂

Then on the way home, conveniently recee-ed a place near by home to take photos for Noel Caleb’s blog post.

Pretty, right? It’s at Technopark near my home. What a beautiful office area! I think it’s a really ideal place to take photos for Noel Caleb’s blog post. 🙂

For dinner, my sister Jia Hui brought my parents and I to Riccioti italian restaurant along Clark Quay. We had awesome pizza, Calzone and Salmon pasta ! *Yums*

Then I followed my sister to meet her friends for a short while at Chijmes. Check out the pretty sight!:

Like a Castle upon a hill.

And then I came home and started to work on styling the Noel Caleb pieces with the shoes and bags I have! Came up with 2 styles:

2 Styles: Vintage & Modern

I like both but I prefer Modern as it’s more funky and suitable for my age! Which style do YOU like?

As for makeup…  I think I will keep it simple and natural. Just hues of pink for my eyes and that should be it!

Blueprint project intern interview slated on Thursday morning. Excited for it! Will update again soon with photos for Noel Caleb! Please like Noel Caleb on Facebook and my photo when it’s out! (And ask your friends to like it too! :P)


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