Clocktower. Touching short animation film.

I don’t usually share videos but this one is really touching. My aunt Fonteyn sends me the most interesting links of Facebook (Fashion related competitions, Raoul Lucky Draw among others) and she was also the one that sent me the link of this video.

I was first struck by how beautiful and apt the music was for the animation and wondering if they specially produced the music for it. I was moved to tears because the character reminded me of myself.

I used to be in a tower, all sheltered, cheery and happy. In a world where skies were blue and balloons in the air. But one day when I stepped out into reality I found out that things weren’t always what they seem and I entered a very dark period of my life. I willed for things to pick up, like how the girl in the video wanted the balloon to fly again but nothing I did mattered.

Only on hindsight after watching the video I realize that I play a part in life and only when I fulfill the role, just as the girl does, it makes the world happy again. I know I am reading the video in a very personal way and you might see it differently. But I love the video, it touched me and I want to share it with you.


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