Sat Night Reflections; Pre-Submission Nerves & More ;)

Spent the week recovering from my full blown sickness. I’m almost all healed but seemed like I ate something bad for brunch today. I suspect my stomach didn’t take well to my favourite instant green tea coffee after just waking up. 😥 So when I was printing stuff for Studio project at Bugis, I diarrhea twice. -.-“‘

I stayed up all night because I was doing the book for our studio project press kit. Slept only 5hours before I got up to head to the printer’s. Was supposed to lead WOW prayer meeting but went home for a short rest/break before I head to YPM.

I was super stressed last night because I only have till today to print the book (shop’s close on Sunday) for Monday’s submission. So when I was otw to the printer’s I was so anxious and tired from the lack of sleep. Although in all honestly I brought this on myself for starting work on the book so late. So I totally deserved it. I need to learn to not leave everything to the last minute and stressing over it.

Somewhere along the line from Bugis to home, I realize that in spending so much time on the project in the recent days, it became my “God”. I was so intense about getting the stuff right, getting it perfect to get the grades. I’m sure glad I realized it today and realigned my perspective. 🙂 God is still God, in His place, on the throne and in control! Fretting over the project is not going to get me anywhere. Placing my trust in Him will get me there. 🙂

I’m real glad I headed to YPM despite feeling tired and weak. We had street evangelism to invite strangers in the Marine Parade/Katong/East Coast vicinity to our special Sunday service next Sunday. It really takes courage to approach strangers and invite them. But the thought of someone coming to know the love of Christ is what spurred me on.

After street e., we had dinner at Mac’s and J phan shared about different schools of thoughts on christian theology. Ok, it might sound boring but it’s actually quite interesting. Basically, the Augustine v.s. Pelagius school of thought. In a very small nut shell, Augustine believes that sin is from the flesh but Pelagius believes it’s from habit. Can’t/don’t really want to flesh out (no pun intended) the details here but Ming and I agreed that we don’t really see the big deal on which school you believe in as long as ultimately you believe that Christ sets you free.

Personally I think I subscribe more on the side of Pelagius but I don’t see the necessity to say which side I’m on. When my mind is more alert, perhaps I’ll give more thought to it. Perhaps sharing this subject is not really the point. The point I want to bring across is that I feel very blessed and thankful to God for my cell, Benjamin. Especially for J. Phan and Ming. :’)

J. shared that he thinks youths in church are too doctrinally weak. On my way home I was just reminded that after Christ asked Peter if he loved him, He didn’t say “Love my sheep.”. He said “Feed my sheep.”. In all honesty I don’t think I have been feeding the sheep God  has entrusted to me to the best of my ability. Having had the sharing over celll sparked a little fire within me, to desire to desire the Word of God strongly again and to set the hearts of the people around me ablaze for Christ.

It’s time to shine again! 😉


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