Of Happier Days~

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Images from all over the place. Notably, FashionToast, Modelina, Nylon Blog, Weibo, The Cut.

Very sleepy cause woke up earlier than usual (8am) to attending a programme review meeting. But I tweeted that I’d blog some good news so here it is as promised:

I feel happy, hopeful. The interview with Jackson from Phunk Studio went well today, I hope to be meeting them soon. Lucinda and Ling Ling agreed to write recommendation letters for Priscillia and me so we’re really excited and can’t wait to submit our applications for VB and keeping our hands clasped in prayer! Hehe.

Realised been moody and irritable these days cause of PMS. -.-

Steve Lawler from Kult came to share with us on Monday. You must check out his website here. I insist ok! He’s a creative director cum interactive media engineer. What with coding etc. Super cool la ! I think he can totally write his own game lorh.

Ok enough of the singlish and the gushing. Lol. And I, shall go sleep.


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