I love to blog especially when other things await

I met up with YJ the other day, after I met up with 4A friends to shop for Val’s gift, so we met up at Bras Basah for tea & chat. The main reason I wanted to meet up with him was to ask why when they went for an overseas trip last year they didn’t ask me along.

The answer was simple cause they had forgotten, supposedly with a few other names, whom I didnt ask. I was disappointed when I heard that. He said sorry and I told him I don’t want him to say sorry, that’s why I also took some time to ask, after all these months cause I didnt want our friendships (not just with YJ) to sour, so to speak. I didn’t want to be difficult, to seem demanding.

Well, if they really cared about me, they wouldn’t have forgotten. And let’s say even when they have forgotten, if they still cared, they would have initiated to say they’re sorry. But they didnt, to me an apology is but a formality in that sense. Not that I don’t accept YJ’s apology, I do, and I still treasure all of them as friends.

But I guess I’m just not much of a friend to them as I thought they were to me.

Life is good (apart from certain things I only worry about). I had my 1 week of holiday/”fake” project week cause all our projects were due before the break. And I have watched so many movies in 2 weeks, the number I usually watch in half a year.

They are: 127, I am Number 4, Taken, Beauty & The Briefcase, Love’s Enduring Promise, Flipped, Life As You Know It.

I like I am Number 4 and Flipped best. Go watch them if you haven!

I also want to watch: Black Swan, True Grit and The King’s Speech. Friends recommendation!

Staying over at Bini’s was fun. It was surreal sleeping over at her house cause of the fantastic view from her place. You get to see Orchard road and as far as Marina Bay Sand and Esplanade, pretty!

I am quite satisfied with the poster I submitted for V&P, put in a few days and night worth of effort into the research file and poster (half a night). Will take photos and upload when I get it back! My poster is kind of 3D. Haha.

I wrote a whole lot of things that I deleted cause it’s just be rambling and I didn’t want people to assume things that I am not. So… it was good to just let it out though. Though you don’t get to read it. Haha. Who read this blog anyway. Not the people I am talking about. Haha.

Alright. Bye! 🙂

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