Tea with James; Most Amazing Interview Experience

I had the most amazing interview experience this evening!

As mentioned previously I applied for a part time job to work with Mens Fashion Week organizing committee. So they arranged for me to meet with James, who is one of the key organizer.

Meet James:

James (Image from facebook)

Over pinkguava soft drink at Raffles Quay’s Cedele, James asked about my working experiences and classes in Lasalle. That lasted for about half an hour and then he asked me about my views of what are the recent hot topic business issues in fashion. I shared about LVMH buying over 20% shares in Hermes and that causing a stir in the Fashion business world. He then very generously started to share his insights and knowledge about the issue. He went on to topics such as Globalisation and the emerging China market with a case study of his experience from Prada’s fashion show at China. I felt like I was having a personal consultation with a tutor! 🙂

I am very thankful for the very insightful interview experience! Hopefully I will be able to work(part time) with them soon. More updates in future. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tea with James; Most Amazing Interview Experience

  1. hahaha THANKS DEAR. Hehe you sound so enthu and makes me so happy! They have not gotten back to me yet 😥 so nothing is confirmed. But I do hope to have at least one chance to work with them! 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed!

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