Ok, it’s 3am right now so it’s post V-day here in Singapore but allow me to consider this as a V-day post lah ok! 🙂

What’s V-day without flowers? In my case, a flower my sister brought home from school for me! Its supposed to be given to “mums” but my sister gave it to me, ha! 😛

So some gratuitous photos with the yellow flower (sadly a bit dying already after a day’s hard work).

Flower from @teolujia jie jie!

Ooh what's up yellow flower?

Smell, Smile, Flower!

It was a pleasant V-day for me. After morning lecture, lunched with Bini @ 15 min. I had Ham & Mushrooms Pink Sauce Pasta which is yummilicious but oh-so-filling! Then while waiting for 4pm’s guest lecture, we headed to Orchard and had tea at Canele at Paragon.

A flower I folded for Bini~ ^^

Bini all dolled up for V day!

Twixt for the Cameraaa

Two important lessons tmr, rehearsal for Cultural & Contextual Studies (CCS) individual presentation followed by Studio class which is the most demanding of all modules. I have been very slow in starting my personal work and I get willingly distracted by Facebook, Twitter… I need to learn to discipline myself and say NO to distraction, get all my work done and then reward myself with social media! Ah… the troubles of a teenage girl in today’s world.

Last note, my mum went for a small op today to remove a small growth under her eye and it’s like a fuss-free out-patient op which we’re all glad it’s over and she’s fine!!! She did it in the morning and was up and about even cooking dinner! Hehe praise God!


I remembered I wanted to write a cheesy “Poem for my future boyfriend”. Gonna be totally impromptu so here it goes:

Dear My Future Boyfriend,

Although I have no idea who you are right now,
I hope you are doing well.
Whether you are at school or at work,
I pray that God grants you the strength and energy
To carry through each day.
I will remember to give my best in the things I do,
To improve myself with every lesson learnt,
So I can be the best I can be when I meet you.
When we meet,
I hope we won’t need fancy promises,
extravagant dates or gifts.
Love to me, is a Commitment
Not just a feeling or emotion.
Someone who will be consistently by your side
No matter the weather or how you feel.
Well, before I meet you,
I shall work to improve consistency in my life.
So I can be that special someone for you,
As you will be for me.


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